CroxSwap Partnership and PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool

We have some pretty big news. We have formed a partnership with a top DeFi platform called CroxSwap. They will host our LP staking. I know many of you didn’t like Polaris and we have listened to your feedback. We are moving to CroxSwap for LP staking. The rewards will be evenly distributed based on how many LPs you stake. They are also dual reward farms, meaning you will earn CLA and CROX tokens. The yield will be very high. Our LP staking pool will go live on Wednesday night, September 15. CroxSwap is a top DeFi platform with a very dedicated team. We are happy to partner with them.

In other news, we have decided to move our main liquidity pool to PancakeSwap. We have been on ApeSwap for a long time, but PancakeSwap is the number one BSC DEX in the world and many of our Chinese investors have trouble accessing ApeSwap. PancakeSwap is easier for everyone. It also gets a lot more traffic than ApeSwap. This will help bring Candela Coin to the next level! We will be adding liquidity to the PancakeSwap pool, but so can you. You can add liquidity now to earn rewards. The LP staking on CroxSwap will be live on the night of Wednesday, September 15. Here is the link to our PancakeSwap pool:

All you have to do is add CLA and BNB to the PancakeSwap pool. After you do that you will receive CAKE LP. You can then stake your CAKE LP at in our CLA/CAKE LP pool and earn CLA as well as CROX tokens as rewards.

We are dedicated to giving back to our loyal community. You have all been with us through thick and thin. We are working hard 7 days per week to make sure this project flourishes and hits all of our goals.

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Forget going to the moon, we want CLA to go to the sun!

CLA ERC20 is listed and trading on VinDAX and the P2PB2B exchange

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