CLA Price Will Go To The Moon!

It has been an interesting few weeks for Candela Coin. We released the Candela mobile app, started a trading competition on the VinDAX exchange, working out a manufacturing deal for our IoT devices/smart meters (Candela transactive energy devices), and finalizing a listing agreement with the Upbit exchange. Despite all of these accomplishments, we have noticed some people selling their CLA tokens for extremely low prices. We understand that some people may need to cash out and make money to pay bills or buy things, but patience will go a long way. We pride ourselves on being a product-centric company. We are focused on building the IoT devices and perfecting the mobile app. We firmly believe that if we bring good, high quality products to the market then we will have thousands, or even millions, of users. When that happens, the price of CLA will surely go to the moon. Let’s discuss our plan to get there.

We begin a big marketing and advertising campaign in a few days. This will increase awareness and create buzz about Candela Coin. It will also attract more buyers, which will ultimately increase the price of CLA. We want this marketing campaign to stress the importance and focus we as a company put on our customers, investors, and our products. We are not just a cryptocurrency. We are a company that is going to put out and sell real products. Our products will use CLA for in-app payments, but we want you all to understand that we are much more than just a cryptocurrency. Our Candela IoT devices will allow people transfer, buy, and sell energy and energy attributes to other people in their community. These transactions will take place in the mobile app, and CLA tokens will be used to make the payments for energy (kWh) within the mobile app. For a more detailed explanation on how this will work, please refer to our YouTube video:

Why sell CLA tokens for less than $0.01 when you could sell it for $0.50 to $1.00 in a few months? Wouldn’t you rather hodl and make 1000x more? Of course! I understand that there are bumps and downturns along the way. We are doing everything we can to succeed. We want you to know that we WILL get there. We will turn Candela Coin into a global energy brand. All we are asking for is your patience. Don’t sell your CLA tokens for extremely low prices. Most crypto companies never release any products. We have already released our mobile app: We are in the process of manufacturing our IoT devices. We are creating a staking pool. We have already begun a trading competition on the VinDAX exchange. We are finalizing a listing agreement with Upbit. We are listed on 4 exchanges so far and it’s only been a few weeks since we first listed. With your help we can turn Candela into a brand that is known and used by millions of people across the world. This will make all of you a lot of money since you are buying CLA tokens for a very low price right now. Yes, YOU! You the members of our community. We are all in this together. Be patient and give us a little bit of time to manufacture these devices, perfect the mobile app, hold various events, marketing campaigns, list on big exchanges, and form key partnerships. Once all of these are accomplished, the CLA price will be very high. Let’s do this together!

CLA is listed and trading on VinDAX



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