Candela Coin Private Group

We are officially starting a private Candela Coin group. This will be a private Telegram group for large holders of CLA, or “whales.” There will be several perks to joining this group. To gain entry to the group you must hold at least one million CLA tokens. If you don’t currently own one million CLA, you may buy CLA at any time to get to that amount. It can be one million erc20, bep20 or a combination of both, just as long as you hold at least one million CLA. You only need to own one million CLA when you first join this group. If you sell it right after joining you will still be able to keep your membership. Once you are a member, you are always a member. Even if you were to sell your CLA. This group will open Friday, June 4th. Applicants must message Candela team members on telegram to request an invite link. Before a link is given, you must show proof that you own at least one million CLA tokens. We will require screenshots.

Member Benefits

There are no fees to become a member, you just have to own at least one million CLA. Each member will receive a FREE Candela IoT device and Candela branded 10W window solar panel (Residents outside the U.S. will have to cover shipping charges). Members will have unprecedented access to the Candela team and the inner workings of the project. There will be daily telegram voice chats (a new telegram feature), weekly group zoom video calls, giveaways, and special rewards points for shops and restaurants all over the world. We will also be giving away Amazon gift cards and several other e-commerce discounts and codes.

In addition to everything mentioned above, there will be additional benefits and perks. We have plans to go public on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in 2022. We are a U.S. based company, but there are several ways U.S. companies can go public in Canada. The listing requirements and fees are much, much easier to meet than going public in the U.S. Each member of this group will get shares of common stock.

To request membership please PM the Candela Coin Discussion Group community manager, Jonathan Amakawais on Telegram. His Telegram handle is @jasouls

Don’t wait, join the revolution today!

Swapping CLA ERC20 to CLA BEP20 will be available unitl June 7. Please message our community admin on Telegram for more instructions. We suggest holding both CLA ERC20 and CLA BEP20. We will continue to invest heavily in both tokens to ensure the success of each.

To buy CLA BEP20 in the pre-sale please go to

CLA BEP20 will list on the Azbit Exchange on Monday, June 7.

Forget going to the moon, we want CLA to go to the sun!

CLA is listed and trading on VinDAX and the P2PB2B exchange (open to U.S. citizens)

CLA on P2PB2B exchange:



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