Candela Coin November Update

Hello everyone! We have lots to update you on as far as our exchange listings, mobile app, bounty and airdrop distribution, and much more. We have completed the bounty distribution. Everyone who participated in the bounty campaign has received their rewards. We will distribute the Airdrop rewards in December. The airdrop and bounty campaigns are different. Due to issues with a certain exchange who was supposed to distribute the airdrop but didn’t, we have to instead distribute the airdrop rewards in December.

We are currently listed on Flame exchange and on Vindax exchange We will be listing on a third exchange next week. We will be listing on more exchanges each week. We are working hard to build liquidity and make sure there is a strong market for CLA.

We have hired a development team to build our mobile app. A beta version will be released in December. This will be the Candela Marketplace App. It will be the app that allows users to buy and sell solar energy. It will integrate with the IoT device. We have also found a manufacturer for the IoT devices so users can transfer electricity. We are in the process of hiring a firm to build and mass produce the IoT device.

Our CEO, Avi Shane Verdugo, will be doing an interview with the YouTube crypto channel NomadFury. The video of the interview will be released next week.

CLA tokens can also be purchased through our website for $0.03 per token.

So far November is turning out to be a very productive month. Decentralized solar energy is coming soon!

CLA is listed and trading on Vindax



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