Candela Coin June 2021 Update

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been able to stay emotionally stable during this wild crypto market. Anyways, there have been LOTS of new developments with Candela Coin. I honestly don’t even know where to start. So here goes…

We completely sold out our CLA BEP20 pre-sale. Not a bad feat considering we are in a down market and direct ICOs are considered an outdated model for pre-sales. We proved that with a great community, anything is possible. The entire Candela team would like to thank our community and supporters for their help and participation. Thank you!

We listed our CLA ERC20 token on the P2PB2B exchange. This a great accomplishment. They are ranked #45 on We have also listed our CLA BEP20 token on the Azbit exchange. Many more exchange listings to come!

We are sponsoring a Twitch live gaming charity event hosted by Mazer Gaming on June 19. You will see lots of Candela video ads and our logo everywhere. It is also for a good cause and we are proud to be part of it. In addition to sponsoring a Twitch event, we are also partnering with an NFL team. Yes, you read that right! We are partnering with the Washington Football Team of the NFL. Candela will be seen in their stadium, game schedule brochures and official Yearbook.

We have gone public with an eco-friendly method for mining cryptocurrency. We call it the Candela Decentralized Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Protocol. Several media outlets have picked up our article about it. Feel free to read about it here:

We started a private group for Candela whales. By whales we mean those who hold at least one million CLA. There are no fees to become a member, you just have to own at least one million CLA. Each member will receive a FREE Candela IoT device and Candela branded 10W window solar panel (Residents outside the U.S. will have to cover shipping charges). Members will have unprecedented access to the Candela team and the inner workings of the project. There will be daily telegram voice chats (a new telegram feature), weekly group zoom video calls, giveaways, and special rewards points for shops and restaurants all over the world. We will also be giving away Amazon gift cards and several other e-commerce discounts and codes. In addition to everything mentioned above, there will be additional benefits and perks. We have plans to go public on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in 2022. We are a U.S. based company, but there are several ways U.S. companies can go public in Canada. The listing requirements and fees are much, much easier to meet than going public in the U.S. Each member of this group will get shares of common stock. To request membership please PM the Candela Coin Discussion Group community manager, Jonathan Amakawais on Telegram. His Telegram handle is @jasouls.

We are creating a Candela Coin staking pool for the BEP20 token. We already have a staking pool but we are upgrading it and partnering with another company. It will pay out bigger rewards, have user controlled deposits and withdrawal functions, and decentralized wallet connectivity. We will complete this next week.

We are partnering with a solar panel manufacturer to develop Candela branded solar panels. They will also bundle our IoT device with their line of solar panels. This allows us to tap into their customer base and expand Candela Coin. We will be able to announce the name of the company very soon.

We are starting a Candela Coin Podcast. You can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor. Please tune in. We have a variety of guests. Many of the guests are CEOs of companies that we partner and work with.

We will continue to make developments. We always welcome feedback from our community. We are all owners and in this together.

Well that’s all for now

  • Avi Shane Verdugo, CEO

CLA BEP20 is listed on the Azbit Exchange. Trading pairs are USDT and ETH

Forget going to the moon, we want CLA to go to the sun!

CLA ERC20 is listed and trading on VinDAX and the P2PB2B exchange (open to U.S. citizens)

CLA ERC20 on P2PB2B exchange:



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