Candela Coin August 10 Update

Hello Community!

We just wanted to update you all on our progress. We haven’t been around for too long but we are really starting to make an impact. We have grown by an order of magnitude on all of our social media platforms. Big thanks to you all! We will be having our first pre-sale on September 14. Make sure to register on our website to get advance notification of the sale.

As economies begin to reopen, we have noticed that the demand for an alternative payment system or currency has grown tremendously. Tumultuous times lead to innovation. Whatever the future holds, there is one thing we know…decentralization in all sectors of the economy is needed now more than ever. We wish you all the best and hope you give our project a look. We are holding open Q&As on all of our social media channels. Please ask your questions.

Take care for now!

  • Candela Coin Team

Decentralized solar energy and software utilizing blockchain technology.